High-Capacity Paper Towel Dispensers for High-Density Facilities

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How do you know a facility has the wrong paper towel dispenser installed?

A big clue is that they leave extra rolls of paper towels on counters. Not only does this tell us that most likely the wrong dispensers are installed, but also placing extra rolls on the counter tends to be unsightly, unprofessional, unhygienic, and certainly does not make a good first impression to building visitors.

We find this problem most often in busy facilities with many building users. What these facilities need are often referred to as high-capacity paper towel dispensers. These dispensers are “more reliable, efficient, and hygienic,” according to one janitorial distributor who says he always directs his large-facility clients to these types of dispensers. “They are also one of the ways building managers can deal with the challenges of densification.”

Densification, as this distributor uses the word, is a gradual increase in the number of people using a facility and its restrooms. It’s also an indication that most likely the restrooms in general and the dispensers specifically were selected when fewer people were using the facility. As to how to address this issue, this distributor offered several options for busy restrooms.

“In smaller restrooms, a mini multifold paper towel dispenser will likely be more than sufficient. However, in larger and busier restrooms, a roll-towel system is necessary.”

While some building owners and managers in recent years have been selecting battery-operated paper towel dispensers, some are now having second thoughts about them. For instance, should the battery run out, the system will not operate. This usually means no paper for restroom users. In some cases, if the unit malfunctions, it can be repaired. However, if this is not possible, an entirely new system must be purchased and installed[RK1] .

In addition, with many battery-operated systems, “there are delays,” says the distributor. “The user keeps waving their hands over the system, waiting and wondering if it will ever dispense paper towels.”

This is why many owners/managers are selecting dispensers that are not battery-operated. With these systems, paper is always available. The user just pulls on the next sheet. Further, these units rarely malfunction and there are no paper towel delays. Further, because there are no cranks or levers to pull, the risk of cross-contamination is minimized.

“Some building managers also view these as a ‘greener’ option because there are no batteries to replace.”

We should point out one more benefit of installing high-capacity paper towel dispensers—one related to cleaning workers. Simply, the paper lasts longer. “There are fewer trips between the restroom and the janitorial closet,” adds the distributor. “This means they have more time to clean restrooms and not just change the paper towel dispenser.”

For more information on paper towel dispensers and help selecting a system that works for your facility, contact an Impact Products representative.

[RK1]Does this work?