Glove Wearing Best Practices

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Cleaning workers, in fact all workers, need to be aware of something. In most work situations, you are responsible for your own safety. Often, all it takes to be safe is to just practice good common sense.

But unfortunately, that can be forgotten or overlooked in the workplace. Workers are often in a rush to complete a task or forget to do just one more thing, and that’s when an accident occurs.

Frequently, these types of injuries happen to the hands. Workers, and especially cleaning workers, should always wear gloves when performing their cleaning duties, however, just wearing gloves is not enough. They must wear them correctly.

Here are some glove wearing “best practices” cleaning workers should follow when performing their cleaning duties:

Gloves are designed to help protect cleaning workers. Because they play such an important role, it is also a wise practice to select gloves from an established and respected manufacturer. This helps ensure the gloves will be of consistent, high quality. For more information on glove selection, contact an Impact Products specialist.